Should I give my child multivitamins 

Should I give my child multivitamins Hospital in Perumbakkam, Chennai

The importance of giving multivitamins to my child.

Nowadays, most children are healthy, and they don’t need multivitamins if they are growing at a normal rate. Food contains the best sources of nutrients, fat, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. so daily meals and snacks contain all the nutrients they need.

The balanced diet

Most of the children are picky eaters; their preferences may not be in the parent’s choices, so this can lead to a nutrient gap for the children’s and concerns parents. So, multivitamins are an easy solution to balance this solution.

The case for multivitamins

If your children are ready to battle for meals and other nutrient foods, then multivitamins are an easy convenience and peace of mind for parents, knowing that their children are getting some basic amounts of nutrients in their daily routine.

The risky side of multivitamins

Oversupplements: Giving a proper amount of vitamins and minerals is good, but when it exceeds the next level, it’s harmful for your children. Some nutrients, like vitamin A and iron, can also be harmful in excess. So it is very important to ensure the correct amount of diet for your children.

Healthy diet vs. supplements: A healthy diet is important for children to become strong, and supplements should not replace a healthy meal. Parents should encourage their children to eat a healthy diet and teach unhealthy eating habits.

Decision Making

Consulting a pediatrician: Every child may differ from another, so it is important to consult a pediatrician before giving multivitamins to your child. A consultant can see the child and prescribe the correct number of supplements after examining the child.


Supplements should not be a substitute for a healthy diet; in fact, parents should encourage and teach them to include a healthy diet in their meals and also teach unhealthy foods that can harm their growth and their lives.

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