Pediatric Developmental Assessment 

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Importance of Developmental Assessment for Children?

As parents, we see an extraordinary period of watching our little ones grow, learn and develop. Children grow at a rapid pace during the early years and the growth of each child is unique in their own way and also, it’s an emotional connection for all parents and guardians. So, it’s an important challenge to lead a child’s physical and mental development for every parent. Give attention to your children as an individual and if you have any concerns regarding your child, it’s better to consult a child pediatrician or an psychologist. 

All children are different from another, there are common developmental stages that every child is expected to reach within a period of time. This includes physical development, speaking abilities, motor skills, behavior, learning abilities, social and emotional skills etc. Most of the children gains these skills naturally within a period of time, but in some cases few children may face difficulties to gain some of these skills and its natural. Developmental screening is the method of tracking the child’s progress and physical development. The primary goal of developmental screening is to detect potential development issues at an early stage so that appropriate care and support can be provided to improve child’s growth. 

1.Developmental assessment often done because of the concern of the parents that the child has a disorder or delay in is important to help identify possible problems of child’s and need for the diagnostic treatment. 

2.In some cases children who are diagnosed by autism, it is very important to do a complete checkup on developmental assessment because children with autism may suffer from different pattern of strengths and weaknesses. 

3.when evaluating a child with autism, it is important that the presence of the parents with their child so it results the behavior of the child in front of a consultant. 

4.It is important for consultant assessing children with autism to explain the findings, procedures and severity of child to the parents that are easy to understand. 

5.When assessing children with autism aged under 4 years, it is important that the assessing consultant have experienced when dealing with children, so that children can co-operate with the consultant in presence of their parents or guardians. 

6.And also it is very important that the consultant should not create any kind of panic to the parents after assessing the child. 

7.It is better important that the consultant should train parents about how to treat their children with autism and other disabilities. 

8.It is very important to consult a pediatrician or a psychologist if you observe any difference in your child at an early stage. 



In conclusion developmental assessments are not just a finding they are dreams, aspirations and the promise of a brighter tomorrow’s of every parents. We stand united that the every new born has its own role in this world and regardless of which they reach their milestones. 

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