Do we really need Vitamin D drops for Baby?

Do we really need Vitamin D drops for Baby?Hospital in Perumbakkam, Chennai

Why is vitamin D important for babies?

When parents spend money on their children’s necessities, make sure to spend some on vitamin D drops for your little ones.

A daily dose of vitamin D is important for your baby’s bones and teeth for several reasons. More vitamin D deficiency can lead to a brittle bone disease called rickets. It helps the body absorb calcium and utilise it to form and strengthen the bones. Without vitamin D, your child is prone to fractures and other growth problems.

Breastfeeding alone is not enough for babies, but vitamin D is also required for brain development and immune system health. We know that breast milk is a complete food containing nutrition. Tests have shown that breast milk is lacking vitamin D.

How much vitamin D do babies need?

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends a daily intake of 400 IU for babies. Most infant vitamin D supplements contain this amount in one dose. But the dose could be different, depending on which brand of drops you buy.

If you are not aware of the dosage, then it is better to consult a child’s paediatrician for nstructions.

Can babies get vitamin D from sunlight?

Vitamin D from sunlight is natural for all, but for babies, UV rays from the sun get damaged to the skin at any age, so it’s better to take a vitamin D supplement than from the sunlight. When going outside with your babies, cover them with a hat, clothing, or shade over the stroller. Once they grow, after 6–8 months, you can apply sunscreen for babies to protect them from UV rays from sunlight.

When can babies stop getting vitamin D drops?

Once your baby is drinking one litter of fortified milk, they are getting enough vitamin D, but it may vary for different babies; some stop breastfeeding for one year or more. So, it is better to consult with and take advice from a child’s pediatrician.

Don’t wait to consult a doctor if you feel anything different in your babies. It’s good to consult a doctor before it’s too late.

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