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Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological and developmental disorder that affects how people interact with others,communicate,learn and behave. Although autism is not a disease it is a condition and it can be diagnosed at any age. 

Early signs and Diagnosis: 

Early Indication: If Children with ASD signs recognized early can lead to early diagnosis and evaluation. These signs include delayed speech, limited eye contact, social interactions and emotions etc. 

Diagnosis: A diagnosis is made by an experienced healthcare professionals including developmental pediatricians, child psychologists and neurologists.  


  • Children with ASD may face challenges in social interactions, when communicating with others. 
  • And also, parents face a biggest challenge for handing them in social interactions. 
  • Struggles with understanding emotions, humor and languages. 

Strengths-Based Approach: Embracing a strengths-based approach to supporting individuals with ASD involves focusing on their unique strengths, interests, and abilities rather than solely on their challenges. By identifying and nurturing these strengths, we empower individuals on the autism spectrum to thrive and reach their full potential in all areas of life.

Embracing Neurodiversity: Neurodiversity celebrates the inherent value and diversity of human neurological differences, including those associated with ASD. Embracing neurodiversity involves fostering environments that accommodate and respect the unique needs and preferences of individuals on the autism spectrum, promoting inclusion, acceptance, and mutual respect.


  • Families plays a biggest role in supporting them in their disabilities and make them comfort. 
  • Children’s with ASD are educated in their own special education schools which is structured for differently abled students. 
  • In the special school’s teachers and staffs plays a crucial role in providing a support for them.  

As a parent, you already have what it takes to help your young child learn and grow. CDC has developed materials to help you track your child’s developmental milestones and share that progress, or any concerns, with your child’s doctor at every check-up. 

Conclusion: As we navigate the complexities of Autism Spectrum Disorder, let us embrace a mindset of understanding, acceptance, and celebration of neurodiversity. By recognizing and honoring the unique strengths, abilities, and perspectives of individuals on the autism spectrum, we create a world where everyone is valued, accepted, and empowered to thrive.

Contact a child’s doctor if you think your child as ASD or if you feel anything different on your child. 

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